BOSCH 720W Angle Grinder GWS 7-100 Set

Brand: Bosch
Product Code: PWTBSH0119
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BOSCH 720W Angle Grinder GWS 7-100 Set
BOSCH 720W Angle Grinder GWS 7-100 Set

Features: GWS 7-100 Professional                        ~~~~ @ List Price RM 316.94/unit (Incl.GST)                       

• Specially designed air inlets for optimal air flow and cooling
• Small gear head for working in tight spaces
• Gear head can be rotated in 90° steps
• Armoured coils that protect motor against sharp grinding dust for longer service life
• Auto cut-off carbon brushes
• Two-motion switch for maximum user's safety
• Spindle lock for easy disc change
• Anti-rotation protective guard to provide reliable protection
• Side handle can be used on right or left

Technical Data
Grinding Spindle Thread M10
Rubber Sanding Plate Ø 100 mm
Wire Cup Brush Ø 70 mm
Rated Power Input 720 W
No-load Speed 11.000 rpm
Weight 1,8 kg

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