• FEDERAL PAINT Fedelite Plus Paint-Apple Green;7L;Code: 7116

FEDERAL PAINT Fedelite Plus Paint-Apple Green;7L;Code: 7116

-Top quality polyvinyl acrylic paint which gives smooth and aesthetics finish for interior application.
-Suitable for interior concrete,masonry, plaster,stucco,brick,asbestos,softboard,woodwork etc,not recommended for areas subject to heavy or frequent condensation
-Matt Finish

APPLICATION CONDITION : Surface to be pointed should be clean,smooth,completely dry and free from efflorescene,loose material,dirt,grease or wax and other foreign matter.
THINNING : The paint is ready for use after proper stirring.A maximum of 5% by volume of water is allowed for thinning the paint to a usable consistency. Thinning is not recommended for subsequent coat.
STORAGE : The product should be kept in a cool and well ventilated place protected from direct sunlight. Container must be kept tightly closed.
HANDLING : Handle with care. Stir well before use.
METHOD OF APPLICATION : Brush,spray or roller-coating
RECOATING INTERVAL : When dry,normally after 2 hours(25°c)
SAFETY AND HEALTH : Contains no mercury.Ensure adequate ventilation.Do not breathe inhale mist.Avoid eye and skin contact.Spillage on skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser,soap and water.Eyes should be well-flushed with water and seek medical attention immediately if discomfort persists.
DISCLAIMER : Federal Paint believes that the data contained herein are factual.The data are not to be taken as a warranty or representation for which Federal Paint assumes legal responsibility.We reserve the right to change the given data without notice.

Technical Data
Coverage Approximately 10-12m² / L
Dry Film Thickness Recommended 30 - 40 microns
Drying Time Touch Dry : 15 - 20 minutes Hard Dry : 1 hour
Recoat Min : 1 hours

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FEDERAL PAINT Fedelite Plus Paint-Apple Green;7L;Code: 7116

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