SELLEYS Acrylic Wall Sealer 5L

Brand: Selleys
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SELLEYS Acrylic Wall Sealer 5L

Seals, conditions and unifies surfaces, to provide a suitable foundation upon which                       @List Price RM 79.50/unit (Incl.GST)

the top coats can be applied. It is formulated with 100% acrylic polymer, premium grade

titanium dioxide pigments and special mineral fillers and additives, to ensure adhesion and performance of subsequent topcoats.

Perfomance Guides
•    Weather resistance – Suitable for exterior application when topcoated.
•    Heat resistance – Resists up to 90°C when topcoated.
•    Solvent resistance – Resists aliphatic hydrocarbons, sensitive to alcohols and strong solvents.
•    Water resistance – Resists rain and condensation when topcoated.
•    Abrasion resistance – Resists abrasion when coated with high performance topcoats.
•    Alkaline resistance.
•    Resistant to growth of algae, moss & lichen in well-ventilated areas when coated with high performance topcoats.
•    White
•    Solids by volume: 30%
•    Application method: Brush, roller or spray
•    Thinner: Not recommended
•    Clean all equipment with water
•    Water based. Lead free. Dry film is non-toxic
•    Touch dry: 30 minutes
•    Recoat: 2 hours
•    No of coats: 1

Technical Data
Capacity (ml) 5kg

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