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CLABER "Ergo-Garden" Spray Pistol 49391

RM59.90 Ex Tax: RM59.90

CLABER  "Ergo-Garden" Spray Pistol 49391         &..

CLABER "Ergo Garden" Starter Set 49393

RM94.30 Ex Tax: RM94.30

CLABER "Ergo Garden" Starter Set  49393         &n..

CLABER "ERGO" Spray Pistol 48541

RM39.80 Ex Tax: RM39.80

CLABER "ERGO" Spray Pistol  48541          &n..

CLABER "ERGO" Spray Pistol 48539

RM39.50 Ex Tax: RM39.50

CLABER "ERGO" Spray Pistol 48539           &n..

CLABER "PLUS" Spray Nozzle 48537

RM22.30 Ex Tax: RM22.30

CLABER "PLUS" Spray Nozzle 48537           &n..

CLABER "PRO" Spray Nozzle 48535

RM19.80 Ex Tax: RM19.80

CLABER "PRO" Spray Nozzle- 48535           &n..

CLABER 1/2" Automatic Coupling 48607

RM15.90 Ex Tax: RM15.90

CLABER 1/2" Automatic Coupling 48607          &nbs..

CLABER 1/2" Automatic Coupling With Aquastop 48603

RM23.80 Ex Tax: RM23.80

CLABER 1/2" Automatic Coupling           &nbs..

CLABER 3/4" Automatic Coupling with Aquastop 48605

RM27.50 Ex Tax: RM27.50

CLABER 3/4" Automatic Coupling           &nbs..

CLABER 3/4" Threaded Tap Connector 48627

RM8.90 Ex Tax: RM8.90

CLABER 3/4" Threaded Tap Connector 48627          ..

CLABER Aquapass Dynamic Set 8976

RM365.00 Ex Tax: RM365.00

CLABER Aquapass Dynamic Set 8976           &n..

CLABER Double Tap Connector 48599

RM45.60 Ex Tax: RM45.60

CLABER Double Tap Connector  48599          &..

CLABER Ecosei Hose Cart 8980

RM148.50 Ex Tax: RM148.50

CLABER Ecosei Hose Cart 8980            ..

CLABER Hose Mender- Three Way Connector 48615

RM16.50 Ex Tax: RM16.50

CLABER Hose Mender-             &nb..

CLABER Hose Mender-Two Way Connector 48613

RM9.90 Ex Tax: RM9.90

CLABER Hose Mender-Two Way            &n..

CLABER Jet Spray Nozzle 48617

RM16.50 Ex Tax: RM16.50

CLABER Jet Spray Nozzle 48617            ..

CLABER Long Fan Spray 48922

RM79.40 Ex Tax: RM79.40

  CLABER Long Fan Spray 48922          &nb..

CLABER Mender 1/2" Hose 48619

RM12.80 Ex Tax: RM12.80

CLABER Mender 1/2" Hose 48619            ..

CLABER Mender 5/8" - 3/4" Hose 48621

RM18.20 Ex Tax: RM18.20

CLABER Mender 5/8" - 3/4" Hose 48621          &nbs..

CLABER Multi Threaded Tap Connector 48804

RM11.50 Ex Tax: RM11.50

CLABER Multi Threaded Tap Connector  48804         ..

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